2019 Yamaha Stryker Release Date

2019 Yamaha Stryker Release Date – Surely it seems that if you wait long enough, almost everything is back in fashion after about 25 years or so. The case of anecdotes is essentially dye tie-dye. I could vomit on my way back to fashion around 5:00, and my mom told me how many hundred shirts she had thrown away, thinking they would never come back. So it seems also with the look of chopper is so popular in the 60s and 70s. The difference now is that manufacturers produce showroom helicopters with rake values ​​that approach several radical rides of the day. I have never seen the original stretch in the downtubes, but there’s always next year I guess. The star – now folded back under the umbrella of Yamaha – introduces Stryker back in 2011 to capitalize on the popularity of the back of the minced look, and here we are in 2017. The “showroom chopper” race is sure to heat up with more producers wanting to Go into a niche, so let’s look at Star’s competitors in the form of Stryker.

Although there is no actual stretch in the frame, the lines from the high peaks of the gas tank flowing sharply to their nadir point in the rider’s saddle bucket only to rise once more to the pillion pad. The overall effect of vertical variations leaves us with at least some suggestion of stretching, and although Yamaha Stryker does not have a triangular swingarm that some manufacturers use when grabbing this look, the overall geometry of the frame gives the impression that it can be stiff, as long as you do not look too close. Large and thin wheels and wide and wide rear tires complete the panache, and although it does not fit the target as it says, the stablemate the Raider still shows fair overall loyalty.

2019 Yamaha Stryker Release Date
2019 Yamaha Stryker

Last year Stryker came up with a Galaxy Blue color with some chrome splashed. Her Bullet Cowl brother, who was not brought forward for 2017, wore Matte Gray sheet metal with a blackout treatment elsewhere. The enclosure and color marked the main difference between the two. For the year 2019, we have Stryker stand-alone in the black base.

2019 Yamaha Stryker Release Date

2019 Yamaha Stryker – Engine

Even more surprising, having a 68.9-inch helicopter, weighing 635 pounds, Yamaha Stryker is a trunk to drive. Most cruisers are undersquare: torque but not so blurry, and every time its power gets better, it’s time to shift. Stryker, on the other hand, pumps the 100mm piston he is wearing through 83mm scratches and spins beyond 6000 rpm with real enthusiasm, V-Twin 60 degrees, eight valves, liquid-cooled sounding almost 900SS Ducati-ish as It sucks the sidewalk. And because of the length of the Stryker and low cg dog trains, you feel like you can not fall.

Unlike things like the Jesse James-inspired Merch-inspired helicopter, a bike that you can tiptoe carefully around the corner, Stryker lets you bomb and whack the gasoline open. If (and that big “if”) 67 the horse causes the back loose, the front wheel on top gives you about 10 minutes to react. It kind of feels like driving a Chevelle, but with much less likely to slide back to the tree.

Steering geometry is another good thing that Star does with Yamaha Stryker : Rake is 40 degrees, but 6 of them are the result of triple-clamps that are tilted so that the trace (which determines steering and sense of steering) is non-abnormal 109mm Once above the running speed, the hitch is good, even with a 210mm rear tire. Add strong brakes, excellent suspension and excellent ergonomics with wide and comfortable seats only 26.4 inches, and you drive cruisers that encourage you to heat them up and not just nimbly. Regardless of its length, 2019 Yamaha Stryker has a good cornering clearance, and because of its length, it is stable as a warehouse. Zotting along 90 is smooth and easy to do; The tanks and handlebars push plenty of air to the side and back, the large chair culverts keep you in place and the double balance keeps it smooth.

  • Potential, Charismatic Machine
    The 60-cubic (1304cc) SOHC 60 ° V-twin cooled engine, with four valves per cylinder, 9.5: 1 compression ratio and double inhibitor, delivers smoothness to the ground, while maintaining the sound of a great classic cruiser and pulse characteristics.
  • Compact, Low Friction Cam Drive
    To minimize minimal friction and help the engine achieve ideal performance characteristics, a special compact roller-rocker arm with needle bearing is used. It also reduces the top-end weight for massive mass centralization.
  • Head of High Performance Cylinder
    Four valves per cylinder (36mm intake, 32mm exhaust) provide optimum combustion efficiency. The roller rocker arm reduces friction for better performance and reduced wear.
  • Advanced Cylinder Design
    Ceramic coated cylinders provide excellent heat dissipation, high durability and reduced oil consumption.
  • Forged Pistons
    100mm dotted high-quality optical dot has a lightweight, high-power compact design that contributes to high performance and reduces vibration.
  • Classic V-twin sounds
    The forged connecting rods drive a single crankpin for correct V-twin sound and power.
  • Yamaha Fuel Injection
    Sophisticated twin fuel injection used on Yamaha Stryker. Each cylinder is given its own injector spray into a twin 40mm throttle body, while a computer-controlled system provides the right amount of fuel / air mixture to the engine for optimal performance under all conditions. The result is a strong performance, smooth and seamless throughout the engine rpm.
  • Smooth Shift Transmission
    The 5-speed transmission has a seamless sense of shift, and the gear ratios are distant to let the rider take full advantage of the engine torque characteristics and enjoy a comfortable ride while driving to the boulevard or at highway speeds.
  • Low End Maintenance Belt
    Drive belts transfer power from transmission to wheel with authority. The belt system is clean, quiet and virtually maintenance-free and provides a faster and impressive throttle response response than a shaft drive.
  • Thin muffler
    The exhaust system, specially designed for Stryker, adds to this amazing motor display while optimizing engine performance-and has an exceptional exhaust record.
  • Motor with clean style
    Classic fin fin from air-cooled engine with a cooling system that drains liquid through hidden hoses and internal engine parts for air-cooled displays and fluid-cooled performance. Oil filters are easy to get but also tucked almost invisible as they look

2019 Yamaha Stryker Release Date

2019 Yamaha Stryker – Features

Yamaha uses a tubular steel frame in a double-downtube, double-cradle configuration, with an open neck on the steering wheel. While the head is set with a 34-degree caster angle – a fairly wide angle by normal standards – a six-level offset at tripletree adds an overall 40 degree buckle. I’m sure I do not have to think about how much radical looks, especially on the production model. This bike is not an exercise in subtlety at all. Unlike its predecessors, and no doubt partly for legal reasons, 2019 Yamaha Stryker does not handle such a helicopter.

Despite the extreme rakes pushing the front wheels for a 68.9-inch long wheelbase and an overall length of 99.6 inches, Yamaha managed to keep the tracks to just 4.3 inches. This will overcome the front-end failure you get with a homemade helicopter, and keep the minimum turn radius just under 140 inches, so it feels more or less like any other long bike, and behaves well around the corner.

The backbone of the frame frame pushes the seat down to just 26.4 inches, approaching the bottom edge of the range, so the ground is easy to reach because it is challenged vertically. However, advanced controls may be stretching, even uncomfortable, for the shortest rider, and the position of the windsock rider will exacerbate the problem as wind pressure and engine torque try to push you further away from your footrests. The important points here are; The test goes up before you buy, especially if you’ve never ridden a foot-first before.

The aluminum rims come with five saber fingers that do not do anything to represent the designs of years ago, but the colors are very cold. While Yamaha Stryker is equipped with polished aluminum for a little bling, the Stryker Bullet Cowl model last year featured a black rim tied to a dark and handsome look.

2019 Yamaha Stryker Release Date
2019 Yamaha Stryker

A single disc, 320 mm and twin-piston hydraulic caliper binds the front wheels, with enormous 310 mm discs and a single pot caliper tying the back. Honestly, it might be a bit overkill for the rear disc brakes, but since it runs one disk in front and there is no ABS, I will accept it. Be careful not to step on the pedal in panic and you’ll be fine. The front right front sand slid in front with a 5.3 inch journey, and a hidden monoshock floats behind on a 3.9 inch ride – not that great, but good for the most civilized road.

  • Real World Chopper Style
    The look reinterprets the classic custom chopper style for aggressive nuances. High-end looks without high-end price tags.
  • Potential Motor
    Gutsy 1304cc, a fuel-cooled V-Twin engine fueled with stirring fuels, riders feel a great machine inspired by love.
  • Agile handling
    Even with its tremendous scratching, Yamaha Stryker has exceptionally light and light handling that helicopters and middle-class competitors can envision.
  • Low Seat Height
    The low seat height (26.4 inches) allows the rider to put both feet on the ground and help provide this relaxed and comfortable natural driving position.
  • Custom Stylish Wheels
    The 5-spoke aluminum custom wheels carry 210 series rear tires and 21-wheel inspired front wheels that reinforce the muscular style of the motor.
  • Fender Real Steel
    There’s no cheap plastic spatter here-this authentic cruiser has a true steel fender penyensor. Drive classic belt too.
  • Ready to adjust
    Start your own customization with two trim packages in high-quality chrome, or aggressive look, packets fired. The Star® Accessories Catalog is packed full of high-quality parts that invite Star owners to fully express their individuality.
  • Balanced Chassis
    The open double neck cradle steel frame has four dense engine mounts, including one on top of the front cylinder head that gives the bike a rigid base for proper handling that is not usually found in scooping habits.
  • Dry the front fork
    Pole 6 ° and scooped up three clamps to produce a total of 40 ° fork rake. It achieves a picture of aggressive milling style and solid solid performance you expect, while at the same time providing light and agile handling characteristics, even at low speeds.
  • Rear Suspension
    The rear suspension is a Monocross semi-link system with a single gas-charged shock with adjustable preload spring. The settings are calibrated to provide a lighter luxury ride as the suspension is compressed for good handling and comfort over a larger bump on the road.
  • Low Seat Height
    Low chair height, only 26.4 inches, letting the rider feel farther than cycling while riding a horse, and enjoying both feet firmly sticking to the ground as it stops.
  • Fender Real Steel
    Spreadsheet steel-not a cheap plastic spatter found in some competitors-is one of the features of this motor autofocus launcher. Steel fenders are ideal for customizers who want to cut, cut or modify their bikes.
  • Wheels and Custom Tires are Stylish
    Aluminum wheels have low profile tires. Rear tire capacity of 210 series and 21-inch front wheels add aggressive motor attitude.
  • Pure Cruiser Attitude
    The position of a relaxed ride is equipped with carefully selected handlebar position, which places the rider’s arms comfortably on the horizon, for a “wind-blow” stance.
  • Stand Out Fit-and-Finish
    When 2019 Yamaha Stryker is parked, it will attract attention. The beautifully carved rear fenders on the wide rear tires, the low carved seats, the advanced front foot control and the unconscious components make Yamaha Stryker stand out from the competition. With the fitting and completion usually reserved for customs, this is clearly not a run-of-the-mill cruiser.
  • Strong brakes
    The large 320mm front and 310mm rear discs provide serious stop power.