2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th Review

2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th ReviewYamaha like last year – a new model for apex for 2018, brings back SnoScoot as a great “tweener” train and Sidewinder engine waves. on the Weather Trail SRViper Trail platform. Overall, the 2019 Yamaha lineup is 35 inner models, with the more powerful turbo-powered Sidewinder models (18 in all) and less than anything else. There is only one Phazer model and one RS Vector, and the number of SR Viper models supported by 1049cc drops from 11 to 5. There are only two Apex models, but they will accommodate some exciting new technology, so let’s start from there.

The sporty new shock system on the Apex LE and Apex X-TX models – the Yamaha Reactive Suspension System (YRSS) – is interconnected two-way at the front suspension by using a mid-mounted reservoir that holds nitrogen. the cost of gas for both shocks. According to Yamaha officials, these links change the characteristics with used cars with suspension around the corner, so keep both skis on the ground longer and continue ahead of the front squatting round the corner.

2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th Review
2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th

2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th Review

2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th – Engine

The 2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th with Genesis 3 cylinder engine has been successful as the best four-stroke engine in the industry. 4 per cylinder, 1049 engine delivers first-class horsepower, instant throttle response and torque curves arranged from corner to corner in the blink of an eye. All with a large fuel economy and resistance to bulletproof resistance. With Yamaha motor and clutch driven, the YVXC system provides smooth engagement, instant acceleration, fast stacking backshifts, and cool operating temperatures for long belt life. The YVXC clutch system provides a good power supply from Yamaha, an unparalleled responsive engine and quality.

Considered the best-performing terrain available, the Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th 1.25-inch lbs design of RipSaw II delivers acceleration, superb braking control, and under various conditions. The dual-piston brake calipers apply the braking force directly to the drive shaft and are mated to a large wasteful drill rotor. Unique master radial master screw helps to deliver a consistent “nuance” under various conditions, while large levers provide better braking and nuance styles with reduced effort.

The design of front-facing air and engine intake systems on the 1049cc Genesis engine generates maximum airflow to the engine and no hunger. This corresponds to maximum power and throttle response. In addition, the header. To perform optimally without overheating and excessive sound. The over-structured design of the SRV chassis builds a rigid mounting point for a unique 30-degree sweeping design of the SRV front suspension. Design mounting “tilted” back to the strongest point of the chassis, inspired a more stable and predictable ride. High-laced spindles and lightweight help provide a very strong front suspension with controlled camber geometry for stability and light steering efforts.

  • Chassis SRV
    Advanced aluminum extrusions combine with precision casting to create a very powerful, lightweight and rider intuitive chassis. The over-structured design provides stiffness and design to disperse severely across all chassis making it extremely resilient.
  • Case Drive Magnesium / Reservoir Oil
    The multi function case of magnesium is light and has many functions. Repeat it serves as a case-chain housing with reverse integrated buttons; It also provides a rigid installation location for top chassis spidbands; and serves as a remote oil reservoir. The design of multi-function chassis design is lighter and more compact so it is faster and better.
  • Konjoin Rear Wheel-Set
    The combined composite hub axle hub assembles into a single hub design, lighter and stronger than two separate wheels, resulting in less durable weight for more responsive rear suspension.
  • Tuner III Skis
    Deep Keel Tuner III Our skis are engineered specifically for the SRV Chassis plus the high torque response of Genesis 4-Stroke. They provide pressure and steering exercises that are not easy; and the dual keel design provides a convincing “bite” in the corner with reduced arrows. The design also allows you to adjust the handling and speed of your sled to easily change the carbide runner in various lengths of inserts for the inside and outside.

2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th Review

2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th – Features

The Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th comes with a surprise FOX® QS3 for premium upgrades to this model. The high-pressure gas shock FOX® is equipped with a piggyback chamber to reduce faded and extraordinary control, and three easily adjust the compression damping setting settings so you can quickly and easily adjust the ride to driving conditions and preferences. The premium Kashima layer fights friction for the smooth function of shock.

The Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th with rear suspension of Dual Shock SR 137 is the cumulative result of years of punishment and development in snocross and cross country competition. This long travel suspension offers premium driving comfort with the ability to clamp additional bumps, floatation and traction thanks to its long stretches. Travel and convenience are further enhanced with customizable FOX QS3 shock absorbers. SR 137 is a “coupled” suspension utilizing a unique “sliding” front arm. With a half-inch movement in the front arm slot, the system allows SR 137 to provide controlled (reduced) ski lift while acceleration retains front arm compliance.

The brilliant red and white retro paint scheme accelerates by a fluffy ‘eye-liner’ wind deflector and hi-impact graphics. This limited model is definitely a collector’s item for the old Yamaha fans. The standard heated seats provide the ultimate warmth and comfort on the coldest winter days. A simple flip of the dash-mounted switch allows you to choose from two warmth settings that allow you to explore what lies beyond the next curve from sun to sunset with complete comfort.

2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th Review
2019 Yamaha SRViper L-TX LE 50th
  • Standard Back Storage
    Installed tunnels, printed storage pockets give you easy access storage. This bag has additional padding to protect the cargo, and easy to open large zipper with weatherproof zipper. There is room for spare gloves, water, snacks and more.
  • Digital Gauge Package
    The deluxe touts package is large, easy to read black on white digits, making it easy to track the diagnostics of vehicles and engines even while navigating the folded trench lines or stolen carts. The screen is easy to operate, packed technology includes coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, air intake temperature, voltage, speed, rpm, altimeter, clock, fuel level, travel meter, and more.
  • Push Reverse Button
    The standard push button reverses the rear gear controlled by the servo that provides comfort and convenience.
  • LED Taillight
    Rear lights / high-intensity brake lights are lighter and brighter than traditional incandescent designs, and provide a much longer lifespan.
  • Plush Trail Chair
    The hi-density foam is specially carved to aid the easy transition from sitting to a standing position and shaped to allow maximum mobility of the rider from side to side. The durometer is sturdy with the right amount of comfort for long days in the saddle and its holding surface helps hold you while holding a handful of throttles.
  • Flexible Tunnel Flane
    This special skirt is attached to the rear section of the tunnel and is very effective to keep the snow rotation from rotating from the rider.