2018 Yamaha Bolt Review

2018 Yamaha Bolt Review – Like Yamaha “Made in U.S.” a line of explorers, Star shows its goods with the 2018 line. Bolt continues with the classic “bobber” style – high tank and short wheelbase – people here look forward to seeing old hairstyles. Powered by an air-cooled V-twin engine, but with a lot of technology in it, Bolt is a good size – not too small so you’ll soon grow and not too big so it’s intimidating for a new one. driver. Bobber-style solo seats, rider cruisin ‘triangle and bare motor display make Bolt a choice of hopper’s short bar or commuter ride.

Traditionally, Yamaha Bolt has become a great small urban aggressor with a sharp throttle response and a powerband, and no reason to trust 2017 is different. Lightweight for cruisers, Bolt is nimble and easy to handle even for new people up to two wheels.

2018 Yamaha Bolt Review
2018 Yamaha Bolt

2019 Yamaha Bolt has a low seat height to start with – just 27.2 inches. Add it to the slim width and easy to find the ground and still have a bend in the knee. Shorties rejoice! The people at Yamaha said, “We built it, you made it yourself,” and they are serious. Stripped-down naked with small-to-no chrome and with actual steel fenders, Bolt is suitable for customization. If there is a difference between Deep Blue and Raven Bolts for 2016, it will be the handlebars with a slightly higher rise on the Raven model. For 2017, get Raven without a hike and with a slightly different tank chart to start from last year.

2018 Yamaha Bolt Review

2018 Yamaha Bolt – Engine

An air-cooled, 60-degree V-twin complements the classic America look with a bit of style that surely pleases the people of the country. This 58-cubic (942 cc) 58-cylinder engine offers four valve heads, fuel injectors and a transistorized ignition. Bore and stroke are almost square at 85 mm and 83 mm, respectively, and low compression ratio at 9.0 to 1, so at least you know it will not beat the stuffing from itself, huh?

Sophisticated and lightweight cylinder designs, the piston-composite ceramics remain low-friction and help dissipate waste heat efficiently. The compact air cleaner lets you keep your feet firmly on the motor – a feature you’ll appreciate after riding a bike with a Harley “ham-can” screen housing.

A five-speed transmission and a belt make the final drive, and while I might want a sixth gear, the point is: Yamaha Bolt makes good barcars or bikes around the city, but not so much on the highway, so the sixth gear may not really matter.

  • Modern Air-Cooled V-Twin
    The 58 cubic inch (942cc) engine is a 60° V-twin SOHC AC with 4valves per cylinder, a pent-roofed roof chamber, and a compression ratio of 9.0: 1. The engine is designed to provide excellent power and superior low-end torque.
  • Low internal friction
    To minimize friction, increase endurance and help the engine achieve ideal performance characteristics, special roller-type rocker sleeve with needle bearing used.
  • Advanced Cylinder Design
    The shape of the pent-roof combustion chamber is precisely engineered to direct the fuel / air charge to the center of the piston for more efficient combustion and maximum power. Ceramic layered cylinders provide excellent heat dissipation, reduce oil consumption.
  • Piston Light Performance
    High quality aluminum pistons have a lightweight, high-power design that contributes to reduced vibration and increased durability.
  • Fuel injection
    A sophisticated twin-bore fuel injection is used on 2018 Yamaha Bolt to deliver the ultimate driving pleasure with strong acceleration. 3D maps for ignition timing and fuel injection have been developed to produce exceptional acceleration in medium and low speed ranges.
  • Compact Air Cleaner
    The stainless steel air purge layer provides a “raw metal” look that features Bolt distinctive style. In addition, air purifier design provides great intake efficiency and enhanced torque characteristics.
  • Unique Bolt Bolt System
    The pipe layout on the right side of the engine contributes to the performance and vibrant engine style. Minimalist-style exhaust system provides a haphazard and fun exhaust note.

2018 Yamaha Bolt Review

2018 Yamaha Bolt – Features

Yamaha uses a stressed-engine double-cradle engine frame to keep the bike lights light and fast, typical for 2018 Yamaha Bolt. The geometry frame helps set the tone with a 29 degree rake that gives the wheelbase and 61.8-inch spacing easy and agile. Personally, I like the design of fuel tanks. This is a classic peanut tank, but with a coffin tank element that adds Yamaha retro talent, and carries 3.2 gallons of fuel – enough to circle the city.

The suspension component gets traditional maintenance with 41 mm, front right side fork that gives an intolerable 4.7 inch steering wheel ride. The rear shocks are rather short, and while they do not enjoy piggyback gas cylinders like the Bolt R-Spec, they deliver the same 2.8 inch wheel ride. Wow, and I think Softails is back there.

The front 19 inches and Bridgestone 16 inch rear tires keep things nice and low on their 12-spoke aluminum cast rim. Because it’s a small bike, it can come off with front brakes with each other so that 298 mm discs – each front and rear – seem to be adequate enough for the job.

2018 Yamaha Bolt Review
2018 Yamaha Bolt
  • Urban Performance Styling
    2018 Yamaha Boltis stripped with minimal chrome, symbolizing the look of “Urban Performance Bobber”. The compact chassis proudly displays 58 inches cubic (942cc), air-cooled, 60 ° V-twin that sits in the heart of the motor.
  • High-Tech Machines
    Bolt uses modern technology to create an equestrian experience superior to other sized machines. Fuel injection and ignition timing maps have been specifically selected for this bike to deliver cutting-edge performance with strong low and medium torque that will surely bring a smile to every driver’s face.
  • Compact, Stable Chassis
    Sleek body and low seat design combine to provide light motorcycle maneuverability and stable handling feel. Riding upright helps the rider feel the wind, hear the sound and feel the pulse of the machine.
  • Ready to adjust
    For motorists who value personalization, the choice for Yamaha Bolt is limited only by the owner’s imagination. As we said with the Star® explorer, “We built it, you built it yourself.” ® And as a perfect canvas for customization, Bolt is the latest example of that philosophy.
  • Unique Bolt Persona
    Components such as 3.4 gallon fuel tanks, belt drives, front and rear wheels, digital meters and steel fenders combine to create a different look in the Star explorer ranks.
  • Frame Focused Handling
    The double-cradle frame enhances the enjoyment of city driving thanks to a machine mounted on a frame with a rigid mounting system that provides the right handling.
  • Low Seat Height
    The seat is only 27.2 inches high from the sidewalk, so most riders can easily put both legs firmly on the ground at the time of stopping, and also enjoy a good riding position provided chairs.
  • Agile fielding agile
    Short Yamaha Bolt with 61.8-inch wheelbase contribute to superb motor handlingand delivering precise and rigorous rounds of city driving and solid handling on the open road.
  • Advanced Suspension
    The 41mm thick-walled fork tube offers excellent suspension performance and twin rear shocks have been tuned to provide great comfort and handling while contributing to the machine’s low profile.
  • Belt Belt with Low Maintenance
    With a width of only 21mm, the seat belt contributes to the slim and clean look of the rear. This belt has a carbon fiber core that adds strength and endurance for long life.
  • Wheels and Special Tires
    The newly designed lift wheels with black anodized aluminum rim combine lightweight forces with timeless style. Bridgestone® 100 / 90-19 front and 150 / 80-16 rear tires help provide excellent grip.
  • Strong Braking
    Front 298mm disc brakes and rear 298mm rear brakes both use wave rotors, a style commonly found in sport bikes. The front brake uses a floating mount for great heat distortion resistance, contributing to excellent braking performance.
  • Fuel Tank Slim and Stylish
    The 3.4-gallon fuel tank is a traditional teardrop style, with a thin shape that covers the top and sides of the flat to enhance the 2018 Yamaha Bolt style. This tank has a floral design for a cleaner channel though.