2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer Prices

2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer PricesV-Star 1300 Tourer has a number of leisure tour facilities that will have miles of gliding with comfort & style. Firm windshield & passenger back again lock in additional security while 23 liters of leather wrapped in hard saddlebags offer plenty of storage. Spacious and powerful, the V-Star 1300 Tourer is the perfect choice for a weekend getaway.

With lots of chrome for bling, sculpted top and saddled leather saddlebags, Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer looks sophisticated, even standing still. Steel fenders, removable windshields and two 35 watt accessory lamps in the light shell give you a variety of adjustment options. The plate-shaped chair scraps your butt and with a 27.2-inch seat height, so you have plenty of room to achieve a relaxed body position.

2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer Prices
2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer

New-in-2018, Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer comes with a fast windshield lockable shutter and fast passenger release that can be locked as part of a standard equipment package. Instrumentation handles mounted include analog speedometer and LCD screen with indicator lamps for high beam, rotary signal, oil and fuel level warnings, coolant and neutral temperatures, along with engine diagnostic functions. Using the button on the handlebar handlebar, you can change the main instrument function without letting go of your hand grip. The self-canceling turn signal, which I found as an important feature on smaller and cheaper bikes, I look forward to looking at the tour guides and I’m not disappointed here.

2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer Prices

2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer –  Engine

Performance-wise, no surprises. Ninety percent of this new model is already in the right V Star 1300 and V STAR 1300 Tourer, which was first launched in 2007. This model uses 60 ° C cooled 60 degrees V-Twin cooled well, especially on more revs high The fuel injection tuned smoothly.

The combination of a double-cradle steel frame, belt drive, good suspension and well controlled and a brake kit that loudly makes the Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer can ride on a winding back road. Yes, there will be a lot of benign friction if you drive aggressively. In addition, the V Star of the 1300s is a vibrant boy with the center-of-the-state Interstate speed, and because of its fast steering, relatively high center of gravity and extra wide handlebars, they require the commander’s hand in parking maneuvers.

For touring, Deluxe is quite comfortable for sub-XL riders. New rock layouts and high windshield, combined with situp ergonomics, stock floor boards and spacious driver chairs and support make picnics from long spells in the saddle.

Outer Batwing is a Garmin zūmo 665 integrated, yet easy-to-release GPS system that provides touch-friendly touchscreens, turn-by-turn navigation, 3D views and free lifetime map updates. It’s also compatible with Bluetooth, waterproof and Sirius XM so customers can have direct access to very important weather and traffic conditions.

The hand control of the left hand lets you switch between iPod and satellite radio, volume and music tracks. It’s very functional and easy to use. The sound of two fairing-mount speakers is surprisingly bold and clear-in fact, superior to some luxury rider systems with highway speeds.

  • Smooth, Powerful Engine
    The 60-cubic (1304cc) SOHC 60 ° V-twin cooled engine, with four valves per cylinder, 9.5: 1 compression ratio and double inhibitor, delivers smoothness to the ground, while maintaining the sound of a great classic cruiser and pulse characteristics.
  • Compact, Low Friction Cam Drive
    To minimize minimal friction and help the engine achieve ideal performance characteristics, a special compact roller-rocker arm with needle bearing is used. It also reduces the top-end weight for massive mass centralization.
  • Head of High Performance Cylinder
    Four valves per cylinder design provide optimum combustion efficiency. The roller rocker arm reduces friction for better performance and reduced wear.
  • Advanced Cylinder Design
    Ceramic coated cylinders provide excellent heat dissipation, high durability and reduced oil consumption.
  • Forged Pistons
    100mm dotted high-quality optical dot has a lightweight, high-power compact design that contributes to high performance and reduces vibration.
  • Classic V-twin sounds
    The forged connecting rods drive a single crankpin for correct V-twin sound and power.
  • Yamaha Fuel Injection
    Twin twin bore fuel injections are popularly used on the Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer. Each cylinder is given its own injector spray into a twin 40mm throttle body, while a computer-controlled system provides the right amount of fuel / air mixture to the engine for optimal performance under all conditions. The result is a strong performance, smooth and seamless throughout the engine rpm.
  • Smooth Shift Transmission
    The 5-speed transmission has a seamless sense of shift, and the gear ratios are distant to let the rider take full advantage of the engine torque characteristics and enjoy a comfortable ride while driving to the boulevard or at highway speeds.
  • Low End Maintenance Belt
    Drive belts transfer power from transmission to wheel with authority. The belt system is clean, quiet and virtually maintenance-free and provides a faster and impressive throttle response response than a shaft drive.
  • Motor with clean style
    Classic fin fin from air-cooled engine with a cooling system that drains liquid through hidden hoses and internal engine parts for air-cooled displays and fluid-cooled performance. The oil filter is easy to get but also tucked almost invisibly because it looks clean.

2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer Prices

2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer – Features

Members of the tubular steel form a double-down / double-cradle chassis that mimics the old hard lines. The fall of the top line seems to fill the lower rail area on the rear axle, but that’s an optical trick, there’s a main shaft axis and a hidden surprise that gives Custom a modern journey that belies its dated appearance.

Blackout triple clamps hold 41 mm front forks at a 35 degree rake level and a 5.7 inch trace on a 63.4 inch wheelbase for a steady ride in the straights if not entirely vibrant around the corner. Oh well, that’s the price you pay for getting a cool front end, and this bike is okay if it’s not all about the look, so some things are to be expected.

Another compromise can be found on the rear suspension in the course of a 3.4-inch suspension that allows a low seat height of 27.4 inches. It’s very low for the most part and very confident-inspiring when you stop at the lights or Fred Flintstoning objects around the parking lot, but this also comes with a trade off.

The forward controls can be a bit intimidating, and the shorter riders may never really feel comfortable with the highway speed as the wind pressure tries to push your leg back and release the pegs. A 298 mm socket and a hydraulic anchor slow down the front wheels, but Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer sticks to its (silent) rifle with a 200 mm drum and a mechanically driven brake in the rear. Sure, it’s a classic look, but there’s a reason the disc brakes replaced the old drum. Any idea what I mean?.

2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer Prices
2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer
  • Windshield and quick discharge
    2018 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer is launched with a lockable unlocked windshield, leather-wrapped hard sidebag, and a fast lockable passenger backrest, ready for open roads, or a commute to school or work or boarding the boulevard with an attitude.
  • Sporty, Modern Power
    The 1300 Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer Middle Class brings the classic modern style for a lighter, sportier, and inspired ride with hot rod. 80 cubic-inch (1304cc) liquid-cooled, V-twin fuel injection with double balancing delivers excellent power across the board along with a highly stimulating exhaust tone.
  • Legendary Yamaha Handling
    The steel chassis puts 48 percent of the bike’s weight on the front tire, for light handling and maneuverability.
  • Done Done
    Modern classic designs, including a two-to-one exhaust, give Star look a Yamaha V STAR 1300 Tourer, while the original explorer features such as seat belts, steel fenders and fuel tanks, open up the possibility of further adjustment.
  • Fuel Efficient
    It is estimated that 42 mpg * means more than 200 miles up between fill-up-on unleaded regular gasoline as well.
  • Ready to adjust
    The Accessory Star catalog is packed full of high-quality parts that invite Star owners to fully express their individuality.